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Broker Dealer Services McCormick & O'Brien, LLP The determination of what constitutes broker dealer activity is a question of fact and includes:(i) participation in the solicitation, negotiation or execution of securities transactions;(ii) receiving transaction-based compensation; or(iii) holding investor funds or securities. Industry Regulatory Authority FINRA new member application process and through changes or amendments to their existing broker-dealerBusiness Continuity Planning is a requirement to create and maintain procedures to be implemented in the event of a snificant business disruption.

Joseph Stone Capital, LLC As part of the new membership process, we act as the point of contact between the potential broker-dealer and the regulators, and advise and guide the broker-dealer through that intricate process. What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals. Joseph Stone Capital, LLC is a privately held, full service.

FINRA Broker/Dealer Procedure FINRA handles more than 99 percent of the securities-related arbitrations and mediations in the U. through its network of more than 70 hearing locations, including at least one in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and London. FINRA Broker/Dealer Procedure. By now, advisors have been bombarded with talk of “going independent.”Write a detailed business plan, and create an organizational chart. Prepare a detailed financial forecast for the first year’s operations.

Additional FINRA Requirements for Broker-Dealers Well, you can either join and existing firm or you can start your own firm. FINRA & SRO Membership for Broker-Dealers. FINRA requires broker-dealer applicants to complete its New Member Application form “NMA”conduct business and any business continuity plans. Financial and source of capital information, An organization chart, and.

Joseph Stone Capital, LLC is a privately held, full service broker dealer headquartered in New York. FINRA has also established the Small Firm Advisory Board SFAB to advise FINRA leadership and the Board of Inherited IRA Has Important Tax and Estate Planning Implications.

FINRA Broker-Dealer Business Continuity Planning – Mitch This involves obtaining the requisite information from the potential broker-dealer, translation of this knowledge into the appropriate forms and documentation, and presentation to and correspondence with FINRA. Many broker-dealers handle this as part of their annual review of supervisory controls. FINRA allows members flexibility when it comes to desning their business continuity plans.

Client Update FINRA Focuses on Broker-Dealer Liquidity The following frequently asked questions (FAQs) provide guidance on FINRA Rule 2111 (Suitability). In order to be ready with a comprehensive plan to mitate funding risks, FINRA expects management to develop a system to review andasks each firm to assess a stress scenario that it mht face, as well as a scenario derived from actual events at another broker-dealer with a similar business model.

Broker Dealer - iShares 529 Plan 16-37 SEC Approves FINRA's Capital Acquisition Broker (CAB) Rules; Effective Dates: January 3, 2017 (CAB Member Application and Associated Person Registration Rules) and April 14, 2017 (All Other CAB Rules) 16-31 SEC Approves Amendments to FINRA Rule 4210 (Margin Requirements) to Establish Margin Requirements for Covered Agency Transactions; Effective Date of Risk Limit Determination Requirements: December 15, 2016; Effective Date of All Other Requirements: December 15, 2017 16-23 SEC Approves Rule Change to Reduce the Clock Synchronization Tolerance for Computer Clocks Used To Record Events in NMS Securities and OTC Equity Securities; Effective Date: August 15, 2016; Phase 1 Implementation Date* 16-21 SEC Approves Rule to Require Registration of Associated Persons Involved in the Desn, Development or Snificant Modification of Algorithmic Trading Strategies; Effective Date: January 30, 2017 16-11 SEC Approves Expanded Application of Supplemental Schedule for Derivatives and Other Off-Balance Sheet Items; Implementation Date: The supplemental schedule disclosing off-balance sheet information as of June 30, 2016, must be filed with FINRA on or before August 2, 2016 16-09 FINRA Requests Comment on Proposed Amendments to FINRA Rules to Support the Industry Initiative to Shorten the Settlement Cycle for Securities in the U. Secondary Market From T 3 to T 2; Comment Period Expires: April 4, 2016 16-07 SEC Approval of FINRA Rule 4518 (Notification to FINRA in Connection with the JOBS Act); Effective Date of FINRA Rule 4518 Notification Provisions: January 29, 2016; Effective Date for SEC Regulation Crowdfunding (Other than Registration Requirements): May 16, 2016 15-45 FINRA Announces Approval of and Implementation Date for Securities Trader and Securities Trader Principal Registration Categories and Related Qualification Examination, Fee and Continuing Education Requirements; Implementation Date: January 4, 2016 15-43 FINRA Files Rule with SEC for Authority to Desnate Firms for Mandatory Participation in FINRA's Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Testing, As Required by Regulation SCI; Effective Date: November 3, 2015 15-36 FINRA Requests Comment on a Revised Proposal Requiring Confirmation Disclosure of Pricing Information in Corporate and Agency Debt Securities Transactions; Comment Period Expires: December 11, 2015 15-30 SEC Approves Consolidated Rule to Address Conflicts of Interest Relating to the Publication and Distribution of Equity Research Reports; Effective Date: September 25, 2015, or December 24, 2015 15-23 FINRA Provides Limited Relief Regarding Requirement to Promptly Transmit Funds in Connection With Sales of Securities on a Subscription-Way Basis for the Purpose of Completing Suitability Reviews Under Identified Conditions 15-07 SEC Approves Consolidated FINRA Rules 2040 (Payments to Unregistered Persons) and 0190 (Effective Date of Revocation, Cancellation, Expulsion, Suspension or Resnation), and Amendments to FINRA Rule 8311 (Effect of a Suspension, Revocation,* 15-06 FINRA Requests Comment on a Proposal to Require Registration of Associated Persons Involved in the Desn, Development or Snificant Modification of Algorithmic Trading Strategies; Comment Period Expires: May 18, 2015 15-05 SEC Approves Consolidated FINRA Rule Regarding Background Checks on Registration Applicants; Effective Date of FINRA Rule 3110(e): July 1, 2015; Effective Date of FINRA Rule 3110.15: April 24, 2014, to December 1, 2015 15-03 FINRA Requests Comment on Proposal to Require Alternative Trading Systems to Submit Quotation Information Relating to Fixed Income Securities to FINRA for Regulatory Purposes; Comment Period Expires: April 7, 2015 15-02 SEC Approves Amendments to FINRA Rule 2310 and NASD Rule 2340 to Address Values of Direct Participation Program and Unlisted Real Estate Investment Trust Securities; Effective Date: April 11, 2016 14-51 FINRA Requests Comment on Proposed FINRA Rules Requiring the Identification of Non-Member Broker-Dealers in Order Audit Trail System (OATS) Reports and the Reporting of Additional Order Information by Alternative Trading Systems (ATS); Comment Period Expires: January 13, 2015 14-49 SEC Approves Amendments to the Codes of Arbitration Procedure to Increase Arbitrator Honoraria by Increasing Arbitration Filing Fees, Member Surcharges and Process Fees and Hearing Session Fees; Effective Date: December 15, 2014 14-46 FINRA Requests Comment on a Proposal to Identify OTC Equity Trades Reported More Than Two Seconds After Execution as "Out of Sequence" and Not Last Sale Elible; Comment Period Expires: Friday, January 9, 2015* 14-36 FINRA Announces Elimination of OTC Bulletin Board Historical Research Reports; Fees for ORF Trade Reporting and Data; Effective Dates: September 30, 2014 (Elimination of OTCBB Historical Research Reports); November 17, 2014 (ORF Fees) 14-30 SEC Approves Amendments to FINRA Rule 2210 to Exclude Research Reports on Exchange-Listed Securities From Filing Requirements and Clarify the Standards Applicable to Free Writing Prospectuses; Effective Date: July 11, 2014 14-27 SEC Approves Amendments to Codes of Arbitration Procedure to Require Redaction of Personal Confidential Information from Documents Filed With FINRA Dispute Resolution; Effective Date: July 28, 2014 14-22 SEC Approves Amendments to FINRA Rule 5110 to Permit Termination Fees and Rhts of First Refusal; Provide an Exemption From the Filing Requirements for Certain Collective Investment Vehicles; and Clarify the Electronic Filing Requirement* 14-21 SEC Approves Amendments to Equity Trade Reporting and OATS Rules; Effective Dates: OATS: April 7, 2014; ORF: September 15, 2014; ADF and TRFs: (millisecond reporting): September 29, 2014; ADF and TRFs (remaining amendments): First Quarter 2015 14-08 SEC Approves Changes to Expand the Categories of Civil Judicial Disclosures Permanently Included in Broker Check and to Include in Broker Check Information About Member Firms and Their Associated Persons of Any Registered National Securities Exchange That* 14-05 SEC Approves Consolidated FINRA Rules 4314 (Securities Loans and Borrowings), 4330 (Customer Protection — Permissible Use of Customers' Securities) and 4340 (able Securities); Effective Date: May 1, 2014 * 14-04 SEC Approves Amendments to FINRA Rules 62 Regarding the Requirements For Firms Seeking Registration as FINRA Alternative Display Facility (ADF) Market Participants; Effective Date: February 3, 2014 13-41 e FOCUS System Updates Applicable to Joint Broker-Dealers/Futures Commission Merchants; Effective Date: Monty FOCUS Report Part II and Part II CSE Due on February 26, 2014, Covering the January 31, 2014, Reporting Period 13-19 SEC Approves Amendments to Require Firms to Report OTC Transactions in Equity Securities as Soon as Practicable, But No Later Than 10 Seconds, Following Execution; Effective Date: November 4, 2013 13-15 SEC Approves Amendments to FINRA Rule 6730(d) (2) Requiring Firms to Report Factor in Asset-Backed Securities Transactions Executed in Agency Capacity and Subject to Commission Charges; Effective Date: July 22, 2013 13-11 FINRA Provides a Process for Waiving CMA Fees for Less Snificant CMA Changes and Refunding of NMA and CMA Fees for Applications Withdrawn Within 30 Days After Filing; Effective Date: Immediately 13-04 SEC Approves Amendments to Arbitration Codes Relating to Subpoenas and Orders to Direct the Appearance of Witnesses and Production of Documents Without Subpoenas; Effective Date: February 18, 2013 12-57 SEC Approves Amendments to FINRA Dispute Resolution, Inc. Plan Comparison Calculator An easy way to help evaluate 529 Plans for your client iShares 529 Plan Enrollment Kit Includes all Brochures and.

Broker Dealer Setup - RND Resources Inc. FINRA provides tools, templates, and other resources for firms with 150 or fewer registered representatives. We understand compliance from the standpoint of your business model, compliance, and tax planning. Changing Membership Applications. FINRA Rule 1017 specifies a broker- dealer must file a CMA Change of Membership Application in the case of a

Statutory Disqualification Process for Broker-Dealers - FINRA We regularly guide companies through The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) new member application process and through changes or amendments to their existing broker-dealer business models. For FINRA member firms that become statutorily disqualified based on an SEC order issued under the SEC’s Municipalities Continuing Disclosure Cooperation MCDC.

FINRA Manual - Notices State laws also regulate broker-dealer activity within their jurisdictions. Broker-Dealer, Investment Adviser Firm, Agent and Investment Adviser Representative, and Branch Renewals for 2017; Payment Deadline December 16, 2016

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